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Lucy in 1921.

Joss Tufton: "Come on ladies — drink up, drink up! We can go and join in the fun, then."
Beryl Patmore: "What about your stall?"
Joss Tufton: "Don't worry about that, Lucy can look after the stall, can't you Lucy?"
Beryl Patmore and Elsie Hughes meet Joss Tufton at Thrisk fair in 1921.[src]

Lucy was an assistant of Joss Tufton's, who was helping him in his stall at Thrisk fair in 1921.

Just before leaving Lucy in charge of the stall so that he could join Beryl Patmore at the fair, Tufton gave her a little smack on the bottom, and Elsie Hughes saw it, despite Mrs. Patmore being oblivious to it.



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