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Lucy Branson (née Smith; b. between 1893 and 1896) was the maid (and secret illegitimate daughter) of Maud Elliott, Baroness Bagshaw. When King George and Queen Mary visit Downton Abbey in 1927 during their tour of Yorkshire, Lucy and Lady Bagshaw accompany them, as the latter is the queen's lady-in-waiting. While there, she meets and falls in love with her future husband, Tom Branson. It is later revealed that Lucy is pregnant and she subsequently gives birth to a baby boy.[2]



Lucy's father, Jack Smith, was the army servant of David Bagshaw, Baron Bagshaw. She was raised by Smith and his mother. Smith died in the Boer Wars when Lucy was six, and she was then taken in by Lady Bagshaw (now a widow), who told her she was her godmother. Lucy grew up at the Bagshaw estate of Brampton. She attended the local school before eventually being hired as Lady Bagshaw's maid.

On her eighteenth birthday, Lucy learned from Lady Bagshaw that they were in fact mother and daughter, the result of a romance between Maud and Jack following Lord Bagshaw's death. Maud had gone to America to give birth to her, so as not to alert her own father of Lucy's existence. Maud regretted not marrying Jack out of "cowardice" (fear of her father) and due to her royal service.


Lucy meets Tom Branson upon her arrival at Downton Abbey; she is unsure where to go and he asks if he can help her. She tells him who she is as he directs her in the right way.

She later watches the royal parade. Lady Bagshaw waves to her, and Lucy waves back. Edith and Violet notice, and Lady Bagshaw refers to Lucy by her first name rather than her surname, saying Lucy has been with her a long time; she sees her as far more than a servant. Maud later tells various members of the Crawley family that she gave Lucy a home after her father died because she had no mother, and that Lucy has more than repaid her generosity.

Lucy meets Tom again after the parade. She asks if he works at Downton, and he tells her Lord Grantham is his father-in-law. She immediately tries to apologize, but he assures her she doesn't need to. When he tells her he started at Downton as a chauffeur, Lucy immediately recognizes that he is Lady Sybil's husband, citing that she and Lady Bagshaw followed the story of Sybil's death, and how sad it was. She asks Tom if it was hard becoming a member of the family and moving up as he did. He tells her it was, but that he's made it through the transition between his old and new worlds and now knows who he is. When he asks her why she asked him, she replies it was out of curiosity.

She is later present when Violet comes to see Maud in her room, shortly after their arrival. When Violet enters, Maud and Lucy are happily chatting and holding one another's hands--indicating their bond is more than that of a servant and employer. Maud introduces Lucy, and Violet tells Lucy she's heard so much about her. Lucy offers to leave, but Violet insists "not for me" and they exchange looks after Violet and Maud discuss their "chat" and having "it out once and for all" and Maud leaves to go to the queen. Lucy later nervously sees Mary and Edith, before Tom appears, and they leave. Lucy then tells Tom of Violet's visit and fears a fight concerning her is brewing between the Dowager and Lady Bagshaw.

Tom tells Edith at dinner he likes Lucy, and she encourages him to pursue her. When Edith tells Violet Tom was praising Lucy, Violet assumes Lucy "contrived" to make Tom's acquaintance, despite Tom insisting she didn't and that their meeting was purely chance. Violet also remarks to Isobel that she believes Lucy has Lady Bagshaw "wound around her little finger".

Maud has declared Lucy will be her heir over Robert, her closest paternal relative, infuriating Violet. Lucy speaks to Tom again about her aforementioned fears being confirmed. He asks her if she knows why Lady Bagshaw is naming her her heir, Lucy replies that she does and that she thinks it's fair. Tom congratulates her on her good fortune and wishes her well with it. She tells him she feels no one but him can or could understand what she's going through. When she says she'll miss their talks, Tom suggests they write to one another, delighting her. He then takes her hand and kisses her before she leaves. The following morning they make eye contact and smile at one another when the royal party leaves Downton.

Violet refers to Lucy as a "scheming little minx" at Harewood House, but Isobel--having worked out Lucy's true identity and confirming it with Maud--arranges a conversation between them in which Maud tells Violet the truth. Violet still doesn't approve, but understands. Maud says when she returns home, she will hire a new maid so Lucy can be her "companion" (something Violet says is "more suitable"), and she mentions Lucy and Tom intend to keep in touch. Violet then invites Maud and Lucy back to Downton after their tour of duty is over (referring to Lucy by her first name for the first time), essentially welcoming Maud back into the family, as she'd previously been estranged from them. However, Violet tells Isobel they need Lucy back in order to get Maud's estate for Tom, presumably by encouraging his and Lucy's relationship so it leads to marriage (something Edith appears to later suggest independently to Mary as a reason for her own encouragement of Tom to pursue Lucy, even though she'd encouraged him before the family learned Lucy was Maud's heir).

Lucy brings a handkerchief for Maud as an excuse to see the dancing. Tom offers to take it to Lady Bagshaw, expressing his wish that they could dance and kissing her hand. After Lucy leaves, Tom gives Maud the handkerchief and leaves himself. He finds Lucy on the veranda and dances with her.


Lucy marries Tom, and their wedding is held in St. Michael and All Angels Church. After Violet reveals to her family that she has inherited a villa in the French Riviera, called Villa des Colombes (Villa of the Doves) from an old flame, known as the Marquis de Montmirail, and intents to give the villa to Sybbie. The newlywed Bransons accompany the Crawleys to the villa to meet the Marquis' son, Édouard, and the widow of the Marquis, the Madame de Montmirail.

Although Édouard warmly welcomes the Crawleys to the residence, The Madame is less than pleased to see them. She believes they are not rightfully taking the villa, which was meant to be hers. The Bransons, Crawleys and the Marquis' family, speak to a lawyer who reveals and proves that the Marquis did, in fact, not forget to change his will and deliberately left it as it was to bequeath the villa to Violet. While staying in France, Lucy and Tom make plans to bring Sybbie with them to the villa every summer, hoping to eventually establish the summer trip to the villa as a family tradition.

Upon their return to Downton Abbey, Lucy and Tom express their heartfelt gratitude to Violet for generously gifting the villa to Sybbie. In a tender moment, Lucy reveals to Tom that she is expecting. She remains by Tom's side, surrounded by the Crawleys, as they gather at Violet's deathbed. After nine months, the couple joyfully welcomes their son into the world, and introduce the newest member of their family to the Crawleys.


  • During the movie's ball scene when Mary and Edith are talking about Lucy and Tom, right before Mary goes to have a word with Violet, Isobel is heard asking Violet, "Will they be happy?" Presumably, they are still discussing the possibility of Tom and Lucy becoming a couple.


I have such a feeling that you can understand what's going on inside my head, when no one else does, or ever could.
—to Tom Branson[src]


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  1. Jack died in the Boer Wars when Lucy was "six". The Boer Wars took place between 11 October 1899 and 31 May 1902 and Lucy turned six sometime during these dates meaning she was born between 1893 and 1896.
  2. Although the dialogue on-screen is somewhat indistinct, DVD subtitles for Downton Abbey: A New Era show that the baby is referred to as "he".

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