Lady Mary: "Lynch, you don't have to stay with me."
Lynch: "But His Lordship asked me to."
Lady Mary: "It's a waste of your day. Help Mr Napier's man get their things back to house."
— A brief exchange between Lynch and Lady Mary Crawley, shortly before she goes riding with Evelyn Napier and Kemal Pamuk.[src]

Lynch was a groom at Downton Abbey. In 1912, he left a pot with salt of sorrel in the kitchens when Mrs Patmore asked him some with which she could clean the brass pots. Daisy sent the salt of sorrel up to the dinner table when she mistook it for chopped egg (which was to be sprinkled onto the chicken), but disaster was averted when William brought the salt back to the kitchens, unsure of what to sprinkle it on.

Lynch also escorted Lady Mary to Crawley House, in the village to meet her cousin and new heir to the Earldom, Matthew Crawley and his mother Isobel, and was asked by the Earl to do the same when the Lady went horseriding with Evelyn Napier and Kemal Pamuk, guests at the house, although Mary excused him.

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