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maître d'
Maître d': "Bates. I don't seem to have it."
Mr. Bates: "Could you check again? Because we definitely made a reservation."
Maître d': "Maybe each of you had thought the other one had done it?"
Episode 4.06

The Maître d' is the maître d' of The Netherby, a hotel restaurant in or near Downton. Lady Grantham refers to it as "some frightful hotel". Cora is dining there following a committee meeting, whilst John and Anna Bates have made a reservation for the same evening as a means of moving forward following Anna's ordeal.

After seeing them, the maître d' seems to have lost their reservation, however Cora comes to their rescue after informing him that she knows the Bates. Cora goes on to say that it is fortunate that he is a snob and that she would rather be dining with them. He spends the rest of the evening apologizing to Mr. and Mrs. Bates.


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