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MacClare Family

The MacClare Family.

Robert: "Was it always this bad?"
Hugh: "Not in the beginning. We weren't madly in love, but there was a job to be done, and we both believed in it. Then, the children came along and for years we hardly had time to think."
Robert: "What went wrong?"
Hugh: "First James left, and then Annabelle got married. We started to learn just how little we had in common."
Robert: "Why is Susan so hard on Rose?"
— Lord Grantham and Lord Flintshire discussing the latter's family.

The MacClares are a British noble family who formerly resided at Duneagle Castle in Scotland until it they had to give it up due to a loss of money.

Background and History[]

The family's title, Marquess of Flintshire, is Welsh. However, their courtesy title, Earl of Newtonmore, is Scottish, having been gained by the grandmother of Hugh MacClare (the present Marquess), who was Countess of Newtonmore in her own right being the "chiefly heiress of that strand of the MacClares and they took her name". The family took it's name from her[1].

The MacClares are related to the Crawley family through Susan, whose aunt is Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham. They are also connected to the Aldridge family through Rose's marriage to Atticus Aldridge.

Present Family[]

Hugh is the head of the family, and worked at the Foreign Office. He was unhappily married to Susan MacClare, first cousin to Robert Crawley, the present Earl of Grantham. Their union was not a love match, but one of duty. The couple divorced in 1924.

Hugh has two elder sisters, Lady Agatha, who is alive and came to Duneagle in 1920 to look after her niece, and Lady Louisa, whose whereabouts and status are unknown; when they were children, they played a nursery game where they were sea creatures in which Louisa was a lobster, Agatha a shark, and Hugh a shrimp. Hugh henceforth went by the nickname Shrimpie.

Hugh and Susan have three children: James - the present Earl of Newtonmore who does not live at Duneagle - Annabelle - who is married - and the youngest, Rose - who resided at Downton Abbey with Robert and his family from September 1921 to 1924.

Hugh and Susan moved to India while he was been posted there, then settled in London after their time abroad ended and their divorce could be finalized. Susan, furious with her cousin and his family taking Shrimpie in, wrote to her eldest daughter, Annabelle, over it.

Rose later married Atticus Aldridge in 1924, despite Susan's attempts to sabotage the wedding. They move to New York in 1925, and have a daughter named Victoria Rachel Cora.

Family Tree[]

*Note: This family tree works on the assumption that Roberta is Violet's sister, Susan's aunt and married to Mr Gordon (making her the "aunt who married a Gordon in 1860" mentioned by Edith). Please note that this information can change at any time.
Marquess of Flintshire
Countess of Newtonmore
Marquess of Flintshire
Marchioness of FlintshireFather
Patrick Crawley,
6th Earl of Grantham


Violet Crawley
Countess of Grantham
Mr Gordon
AgathaLouisaHugh MacClare,
Marquess of Flintshire

Susan MacClare,
Marchioness of Flintshire

Crawley Family
James MacClare,
Earl of Newtonmore (b.approx 1900)

Lady Annabelle's Husband
Annabelle MacClare
(b.approx 1901)

Atticus Aldridge
Rose Aldridge

Victoria Aldridge


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