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Madame de Montmirail is a significant character in Downton Abbey: A New Era. Her late husband was a friend of Violet Crawley.


Sometime after Violet and the now deceased Marquis de Montmirail's relationship, she came into the picture and married the Marquis in 1870 — adopting the title Madame de Montmirail. She seemed aware that her husband still had residual feelings for Violet throughout their marriage.

In 1873, the couple had a son: Édouard, who eventually inherited his father's titles after his death.

When the Crawleys arrive in France to the villa that her husband left to Violet, the Madame is less than pleased to see them. She believes they are not rightfully taking the villa which was meant to be hers. Her son tries to calm her down.

When the lawyer reveals and proves that her husband did in fact not forget to change his will and deliberately left it as it was to leave Violet the villa, Madame is in denial and insists that Violet blackmailed him. She wants to go to court, but the lawyer says it’s pointless because she already received a good enough inheritance from her husband to not worry about poverty. Her son eventually convinces her to let it go.

Madame is upset and betrayed by her son’s kindness and hospitality towards the Crawleys, the family of her husband’s supposed lover. At the party, he promises Robert and Cora they will move out of the villa as soon as possible, which insults Madame even further seeing her own child so accommodating towards these people who she sees as thieves of what should have been rightfully hers. Her son insists they are honoring his father’s wishes, but she tells him his father did not honor her by promising property that should have gone to her, as his wife, to a woman he supposedly loved before her.


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