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Major Chetwode is a character who appears in the feature film Downton Abbey.



Little is known of his background, though Tom remarks he was originally "a pillar of the establishment" until he was won over by the cause of Irish independence.


Chetwode boards a train and arrives at Downton, where he rents a room. He later goes to see Tom Branson at Talbot and Branson Motors, and speaks to him about the upcoming visit of King George V and Queen Mary. He tries to get Tom to state whether he supports them or not. Tom replies he supports Lord Grantham, and Chetwode departs, telling Tom he will meet him again.

He then meets Tom again during preparations for the parade, and Tom invites him to drinks at the pub, later remarking to Bertie that he thinks Chetwode is an army investigator and he hopes to show him that some leopards can change their spots. At the pub that night, Tom remarks that he won't do anything to embarass the king such as throwing eggs. When he asks Chetwode if he will, the man says he doesn't throw eggs.

During the royal parade, when Chetwode sees Tom again, he also sees Tom's sister-in-law, Mary Talbot, and is upset, saying he told Tom to come alone. He runs off, with Tom following him and Mary as well.

Chetwode evades Tom and sees the king preparing to enter the parade. He pulls out a gun and aims it at him, but Tom arrives and wrestles him to the ground. When Mary shows up, at Tom's direction she presses her foot down on Chetwode's wrist, forcing him to let go of his gun, which she then kicks to the side. Police immediately arrive and take Chetwode into custody.

As he's being led into a police car, he berates Tom for giving up on a "free Ireland" and when Mary asks him if it's free now, he shouts, "Not with the bloody Crown around its neck!" before being forced into the car.

Tom explains to Mary he originally thought Chetwode was a royal detective trying to check on his loyalties, but that he realized in the pub that Chetwode was trying to use him to get close to the king.




  • It is unknown if Chetwode was his real name or an alias. Given that he was believed to have a military background and that he was later referred to as "a pillar of the establishment" it is possible he'd served in the British military. However, this is unconfirmed.


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