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Marigold: "You know men."
Anna: "And I know women, too."
— Miss Shore and Anna Bates discussing Lord Hepworth.[src]

Marigold Shore is Rosamund Painswick's new lady's maid who spends most of her time in London at Rosamund's residence. In 1919 she accompanies Lady Rosamund to Downton Abbey for Christmas. It is mentioned she had been with Lady Rosamund for two months before this trip.

She is very opinionated and less circumspect than most of the servants and cause disruption among the Downton staff, especially between Daisy Mason and Mrs Patmore. This is only resolved after Daisy receives advice from her father-in-law Mr Mason, who tells her to stop listening to Miss Shore.

Anna notices Miss Shore talking to Rosamund's suitor Lord Hepworth at least twice. Miss Shore claims Lord Hepworth is pressing her to put in a good word for him in Rosamund's ear. But Anna becomes suspicious immediately.

After Anna notices Hepworth taking her by hand upstairs during the servants ball, she notifies Mary, who in turn speaks to Rosamund. The three go upstairs and catch Hepworth and Shore, who are revealed to be having an affair. 

Rosamund breaks off her relationship with Hepworth and orders him and Miss Shore to leave the following morning. Miss Shore assures her that they will.


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