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Isobel Crawley: "This is a simple stitch, but strong and very useful in a drama."
Mavis: "When do we get summat to eat?"
Isobel Crawley: "As I was saying, you should start it about, well, I would say about half an inch away from the centre line."
Isobel Crawley helping "fallen women" to rebuild their lives, in 1920.[src]

Mavis[1][2] was a women who, after the Great War, became a prostitute.

She was among the "fallen women" who Isobel Crawley tried to help in 1920, but she did not seem to be interested in learning a trade to rebuild her life, as she interrupted Isobel asking for "summat to eat" and laughed at the prospect of rebuilding her life while Isobel was talking with Ethel Parks.


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