Bertie Pelham: "It's just me and Mother."
Cora: "You were joking when you said she was cock-a-hoop, but she must feel a certain pride."
Bertie Pelham: "I wasn't joking, but you can judge for yourself when you meet her."
Episode 6.08

Mirada[1] Pelham is the widowed mother of Herbert Pelham, the mother-in-law of Edith Pelham, and the step-grandmother of Marigold. Upon the death of Peter Pelham, the 6th Marquess of Hexham, who was a second cousin of her late husband, she was said by Bertie to not "get the point of him" and did not appreciate her son's friendship with him. Nevertheless she was "cock-a-hoop" about Bertie becoming the 7th Marquess.



Mrs Pelham meets her son's fiancée, Edith, and her parents, Lord and Lady Grantham. Mrs Pelham is initially delighted for them and reveals her moralistic attitude and the fact that she never really liked Peter Pelham, the late Lord Hexham and regarded him as immoral to which Bertie sternly shuts her down.

Edith then decided to come clean to Mrs Pelham about her past regarding Marigold as being her illegitimate daughter. Although Mrs Pelham is now against the marriage, Bertie claims that he will still marry Edith nonetheless.

Bertie arranges a dinner with many guests to announce his engagement to Edith. At the dinner Mrs Pelham was about to relay something nasty about Edith, however Robert quietly reminds her of her stake at losing Bertie so she holds her tongue and instead wishes Bertie and Edith happiness and toasts them. After dinner, Mrs Pelham says that Edith is both birth and brains as well as unimpeachably honest who obtained her position by true honesty, instead of deceit, and decides to bless the marriage.

Mrs Pelham then attends the wedding of her son and Edith at Downton and wishes Edith to just love her son and that is all Mrs Pelham asks for. After the wedding, Mrs Pelham is then seen playing with Marigold.


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