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Miss Lawton is the Queen's Royal Dresser. She arrives with the royal staff in advance of the King and Queen during their stay at Downton Abbey in 1927, as part of the royal Yorkshire tour.

Bates and Ann inquire Miss Lawton about her past and how she got to be the Royal Dresser. Later, Anna finds Miss Lawton in a room she shouldn't be in, and eventually realizes that she is stealing a number of items from Downton Abbey (Robert, Mary, Edith, and a number of Crawley family members having previously questioned where certain items disappeared).

Anna confronts Miss Lawton and threatens to expose her if she doesn't fulfill her demands. First, she must return the stolen items, and second, she must spend the whole night fitting a ball dress for Edith, who had been been sent the wrong size by mistake. Miss Lawton questions when she will be able to sleep. Anna replies she can sleep when she goes to Harewood.

Miss Lawton complies with Anna's requests, giving her the items and the dress once it is fitted. Anna asks her why she does it, and she responds by asking her if she's ever bothered by the fact that in all these great houses there are so many items neither of them could buy on a year's wages. When Anna asks her if her response is that no one should have them if not everyone can, Miss Lawton instead says her answer is why can't she have them. She is unrepentant, feeling most people wouldn't miss them or even notice they’re gone. Anna says they are still not hers and advises her to stop, suggesting the Queen herself might be blamed if people notice. Miss Lawton leaves, telling Anna to save her advice for someone who wants it.


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