Monsieur Courbet is the Royal Chef who arrives at Downton Abbey in 1927 ahead of the royals during their stay there, as part of the Yorkshire tour, along with other members of the royal staff.

Upon arrival, he is affronted when Mr Carson directs him towards the servants' entrance, and instead walks through the front door. He also complains when there is no hot water (Andy having sabotaged the boiler out of jealousy when a plumber flirted with Daisy).

When Anna and Bates plot to have Downton's staff serve dinner that night, she spikes Courbet's tea with a sleeping draft provided from Mr Bakewell's shop. He goes to lie down and asks that the kitchen be prepared for him when he returns. Mrs Patmore calls him "Oh Mighty One" before he leaves. However, because of the draft, he sleeps through the entire night, and Mrs Patmore cooks dinner.

The following morning, all the royal staff are upset at having been tricked. Monsieur Courbet asserts they'll start investigating when they go to Harewood. However, Carson informs him he should be careful unless he wants to be subject to ridicule, citing along with Mrs Hughes that the dinner was a success and that it would be in everyone's best interest if nothing was said, and if asked, to just say there was a confusion.

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