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Mr Bakewell is a grocer. When his wife refused to serve Ethel Parks due to her being a former prostitute, he did. But in Ethel's words to Mrs Crawley, he wasn't very nice; she walked back to Crawley House in tears, which was noticed by Violet Crawley.

In 1927, Mrs Patmore, Daisy, and Molesley visit his store. With the impending arrival of the king and queen, Mr Bakewell is absolutely thrilled that his supplies will make up the royal banquets at Downton. He feels that it is the peak of his career and that his father would be proud of him.

Mrs Patmore is troubled, knowing that the royal staff will be cooking the food and bringing their own supplies, but before she can tell him the truth, Daisy lies. Mrs Patmore feels guilty, but Daisy later tells her that they shouldn't shatter his pride. They later hide his supply when the royal staff arrive, and when Anna and Bates put a plan in motion so that Downton's staff could serve dinner for the royals, they use Mr Bakewell's groceries, and Anna uses a sleeping draft supplied from Mr Bakewell's shop to spike Monsieur Courbet's tea.


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