Mr Wilson is the king's butler, also known as the Royal Page of the Backstairs. When Thomas Barrow learns that Mr Wilson will be arriving prior to the royals during their Yorkshire tour in 1927, he informs the staff and also decides to wait to polish the silver, feeling he should ask Mr Wilson which ones would be best suited to use during the royal visit. However, Mary Talbot interprets Barrow's decision as indecisiveness and is prompted to ask Carson to come out of retirement and assist.

When he arrives at Downton Abbey, Wilson ignores Barrow and walks in. Mary describes Wilson as scary. Wilson then makes it clear to Downton's staff that an entire royal staff will be coming to serve during the royals' stay, and that Downton's staff will take no part in it at all, apart from cooking for the servants. He is upset when Barrow refers to him as a butler, insisting he is not a butler but the King's Royal Page of the Backstairs.

Carson finds Wilson having gone into his office and using it to inspect wine. Wilson insults Carson, Downton Abbey, and the Crawley family, and tells him to go read a book for the duration of the royal stay. When luncheon is served after the king and queen arrive, Wilson forbids Downton's staff from taking part, shouting angrily at all of them, including Carson, to stay out of "their" way.

When Bates and Anna and Downton's staff conspire to get the royal staff out of the way so they can serve dinner, Carson objects, but Mrs Hughes reminds him of the way he was treated by Wilson. Wilson receives a prank call ordering him to send the royal footmen up to London (the call actually being made by royal valet Richard Ellis, in cahoots with Thomas Barrow). Wilson then has Molesley, Andy, and Albert prepare themselves, ordering them to not let the royals think they are being served by anyone other than their own staff. Mrs Patmore then spills sauce on him, angering him. He goes to his room to change, but Andy secretly locks him in. He calls for help, but no one comes.

The following morning, Wilson and the royal staff are upset at what has happened, but Carson and Mrs Hughes remind them the dinner was a success, with the Queen herself sending down compliments and that perhaps it would be best to not say anything. Wilson asks what to do if they are asked, Carson simply says they should say there was a confusion.

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