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Mrs Drake is the wife of John Drake, a farmer on the estate, and has several young children.


Series One[]

Her husband is dying from dropsy in the Downton village cottage hospital. Isobel Crawley has nursing experience and guides Dr Clarkson in removing fluid from around his heart, while Mrs Drake looks on in horror, as his heart stops and has to be restarted with adrenaline. Dr Clarkson had previously asked Mrs Drake if she wanted him to go through with the painful and dangerous procedure. Mrs Drake agrees with Isobel that the alternative is certain death, which would leave her with no means of support for their children.

Series Two[]

John Drake has fully recovered but has lost help on his farm because of the war. News is sent to Downton Abbey that they have need of a driver for a tractor to continue farming, but John Drake doesn't drive, and Mrs Drake apparently doesn't know how to drive. Edith Crawley has recently learned to drive from Tom Branson and so volunteers to drive the tractor. While helping, she and John Drake seem to get on very well, and John Drake begins flattering the lonely Edith. Mrs Drake secretly witnesses them kiss. Although the true reason is not explained, the Drakes soon after hire a man to replace Edith, and word is sent by letter that she will no longer be needed.


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