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Mrs Webb is the Royal Housekeeper, who arrives with the royal staff in advance of the King and Queen during the royals' stay at Downton Abbey in 1927, as part of their Yorkshire tour.

Mrs Webb earns the wrath of Mrs Hughes by saying that she is in charge because her staff will be serving during the royal visit, despite Mrs Hughes saying it is her house.

When Downton's staff, led by Bates and Anna, plot to remove the royal staff so that they can serve at Downton, Mrs Webb angrily demands to know where the royal staff are. Mrs Hughes (who previously said she was more than a match for Mrs Webb) says these are her people and that Mrs Webb ought to go and sit in the servants' hall for the duration of the evening.

The following morning, all the royal staff are upset and wondering who duped them. Mrs Webb clearly suspects Downton's staff when she says, "Who indeed?" Carson and Mrs Hughes however remind all of them that the evening was a success and perhaps it would be best to say nothing.


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