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Myrna Dalgleish is a famous actress in silent films that appears as a significant character in Downton Abbey: A New Era. She stars in the lead role of The Gambler, which is filmed at Downton Abbey.



Myrna Dalgeish is from a working class family, and her father sold fruit. She had a very spirited sister who died in the 1919 Spanish flu pandemic. She became a silent film actress after being spotted by a "talent scout," due to her beauty, and faced sexual harassment in the film industry. She got her first film role when she was twenty. Myrna underwent elocution lessons, but could never overcome her thick Cockney accent, though this was tolerated as she did not need to speak as part of her roles. She was instructed not to speak to others at premieres.


Myrna Dalgeish arrives at Downton Abbey to star in The Gambler alongside Guy Dexter, in a film directed by Jack Barber. She stays at the house rather than the village, and is attended to by Anna Bates and Daisy Parker. Myrna frustrates the staff with her rude behaviour, and comes across as inappropriate and common to members of the Crawley family at dinner.

The film is almost cancelled due to the low popularity of silent films thanks to the advent of "talkies." However, Mary Crawley encourages Jack to rewrite the film with dialogue. Myrna finds it difficult to dub over her lines, and cannot get the accent right for the upper-class character she is trying to portray. Mary Crawley eventually dubs over Myrna, and she storms off after being upset that her career as an actress is likely over once silent films die off. Anna and Daisy come and visit her, and tell her to finish the job, reminding her of her working class origins and the success she could have in other areas even if her career is over.

Myrna completes the last scene of the film, and is approached by Lady Cora Crawley after the latter returns from France. Cora teaches Myrna how to perform an American accent, and Myrna is quickly able to master the accent. She is greatly pleased, as this means she can pursue a career in "talkies" in Hollywood.



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