Presided over by Nanny West in the early months of 1922 and then by a new Nanny, the nursery is the home of Sybbie Branson, George Crawley, and later on Marigold. The room is full of children's toys and books as well as simple furniture, including white cast iron cots and a bed for the Nanny to sleep in. Patterned with toile wallpaper the safe and warm Nursery offers a down to earth life for the children of Downton before being gradually infiltrated into the aristocratic way of life.
  • Tom, Isobel and Mary in the nursery.
  • Tom cradling Sybbie while in her nursery.
  • Some of the things in the nursery.
  • Matthew and Mary Crawley holding baby Sybbie while Tom watches.
  • Carson, the butler, comforting a crying Sybbie.
  • Tom spending a quiet moment with his infant daughter.
  • Nanny West is caught by Cora insulting Sybbie. She is then sacked.
  • Tom, Sybbie's father.
  • Tom looking around the nursery as he and Sybbie prepare to move.
  • Tom, Edith and Mary in a circle remembering Sybil at Christmas.
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