Count Rostov

Count Nikolai Rostov is a refugee from Russia who visits Downton Abbey in 1924 along with fellow refugee Prince Kuragin.

Rostov becomes very offended when Sarah Bunting insults the late Tsar, and later, when meeting Atticus Aldridge, reveals that he has anti-Semitic views, as he feels Jewish Russians are not truly Russian.

Behind the scenes

  • Count Rostov is portrayed by Christopher Rozycki.
  • Nikolai Rostov is the name of a character in Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace (Prince Kuragin is similarly named after a War and Peace character). Nikolai is the son of Count Ilya Rostov, a loving, friendly, and financially carefree nobleman who piles up debts through luxurious living, eventually depriving his children of their inheritance. The younger Rostov, Nikolai, joins the Russian forces in 1805 and spends much of the novel on the front. Nikolai eventually marries the heiress Princess Maria, saving his family from financial ruin.


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