Mr Bates: "Mrs Hughes said Lady Edith was after the other heir, Mr Patrick Crawley. The one who drowned."
Anna: "That was different. She was in love with him."
Mr Bates: "What happened?"
Anna: "She never got a look-in. He was all set up to marry Lady Mary."
Mr Bates: "Then he's a braver man than I am, Gunga Din."
— Anna relating Edith's unrequited love for Patrick to Mr Bates[[|[src]]]
Mr. Patrick Crawley (d. 15 April 1912) was the only son of James Crawley. His father was the first cousin of Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham and heir to Earldom, Downton Abbey, and the family fortune. Patrick worked for the Foreign Office. He often visited Robert's family at Downton Abbey and was well regarded by the family and the servants.

There was an understanding that Patrick would wed Mary Crawley. Lady Mary was indifferent to the idea of marrying Patrick, despite the family pressure. She remarked that she had been keeping him in check, in case a bigger fish came along. It is not certain if Patrick ever knew that Mary's sister, Edith, was in love with him, or if he loved her back. Patrick and his father perished in the sinking of the RMS Titanic, at the very beginning of the series. A memorial was held for them in both London and then Downton, where many of the villagers come to show their respects. Edith was quite sad after the memorial, but Mary told Sybil that her greatest sadness came from realizing that she did not feel as sad as someone ought to at such a time. Mary wanted to keep it secret that she and Patrick had an unofficial engagement since she would have had to stay in mourning dress longer as a fiance, rather than just as a mourning cousin.

The Duke of Crowborough arrived at Downton Abbey, ostensibly to present his condolences, actually to court Mary. He told Robert that he did not really know Patrick except "to see Patrick at the odd thing."

Unlike his father, Patrick's body was not retrieved from the sea, so there was no body to bury[1].


  • In 1918, Major "Patrick Gordon", a Canadian soldier recovering at the convalescent home at Downton Abbey, claimed to be Patrick Crawley. He claimed that he survived the Titanic sinking, but developed amnesia and was sent to Canada since he was mistaken for a Canadian. He also claims that he/Patrick Crawley always loved Edith and never Mary. It is suggested by Robert's solicitor, George Murray, that a Peter Gordon might have worked with the real Patrick Crawley at the Foreign Office, which would explain how Patrick Gordon knew certain details that made his story more convincing.


  1. Downton Abbey Series 1 Official Script: Page 29. A discussion between Murray and Robert occurs.
    • Murray: "It was right to bury Mr Crawley in Canada. In fact I hear the Canadians are making quite a thing of the Titanic cemetery."
    • Robert: "It seems strange to have buried James without Patrick."
    • Murray: "They may still find some trace of him."
    • Robert: "After three months? I doubt it. No, I'm afraid Patrick was food for the fishes long ago."
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