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Princess Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, Viscountess Lascelles, commonly styled as HRH The Princess Mary, is the third child and only daughter of King George V and Mary of Teck. Her elder brothers are Edward, Prince of Wales and Albert, Duke of York.

Her parents visit her at Harewood House when they come to Downton Abbey in 1927.


Cora, Mary, and Edith pay a call on Princess Mary at Harewood prior to her parents' arrival. She mentions that she is living at Goldsborough Hall but are only at Harewood because her father-in-law is ill. When the nanny brings her children in, Mary greets them warmly. But when her husband enters the room, he orders the nanny to take the children and not to bring them back down for the rest of the day.

She is terribly upset at the royal parade, which her husband is absent from. Her mother questions where Henry is. She replies that he wasn't well, and begs her mother to let her leave her husband. The queen however refuses to talk about it at that momment. Later, the princess is crying by herself when Tom Branson finds her. Unaware of who she is, he talks to her about his own experiences about being able to love with people despite disagreeing with them, and also about his daughter. Mary, inspired, tells Tom he's given her a lot to think about.

At the ball at Harewood, Mary tells her parents she will work to make her marriage succeed, and that Mr. Branson inspired her about deciding what matters. She asks her father to say a kind word to Tom, which he does. Tom realizes afterwards who Mary really is, and they silently acknowledge one another. She later dances with her husband, saying she wants to be friends, that they have things in common, and will have to change.

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  • Actress Kate Phillips describes Princess Mary as "quite a shy and modest character, she draws on her inner-strength and personal struggles as a member of the royal family."



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