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Mary Crawley: "Who are you?"
Rita Bevan: "Rita Bevan. Don't you know me, Lady Mary? 'Cause I know you."
— Mary Crawley and Rita Bevan[src]

Rita Bevan tried to blackmail Lady Mary about her secret romance that she spent with Lord Gillingham.



Bevan worked at the Grand Hotel Liverpool as a chambermaid and stole some documents regarding Mary Crawley and Lord Gillingham. The documents presumably contained the information that Mary and Lord Gillingham had adjoined rooms during their stay.

Series 6[]

Bevan arrives at Downton Abbey when Robert is holding a fox hunt. She follows Mary around, and after the hunt is done, Mary approaches her. Bevan reveals her knowledge about Mary and Gillingham's secret romance, and wants 1000 pounds as return for her silence. Mary refuses and tells Bevan to leave, but the latter says that she will be back.

Bevan, pretending to be a housemaid in employ of Violet Crawley, walks into Mary's bedrooms, and restates her threats. Mary refuses once more and has her lady's maid Anna Bates drag Bevan out of the house.

During her third visit, Mary is not present as she traveled to Thirsk. She instead speaks to Robert Crawley, Mary's father. Bevan tells Robert about Mary and Gillingham's romance. Robert threatens to have her thrown into prison if she does not sign a confession to blackmail and take 50 pounds instead of 1000. He also warns Bevan that if anything about Mary and Tony is published, or if she ever shows up again, he will release the confession and have her arrested. Bevan, having no other option, leaves.


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