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Samuel "Sam" Thawley is a gardener from Easingwold.



Sam and Rose.

He is at the dance hall in York one afternoon when he notices Rose MacClare with Anna Bates.

He comes up to Rose asks her for a dance, during which she lies to him, saying she is a servant at Downton Abbey and that her name is Rose Smith.

He seems to develop an immediate crush on her. Unfortunately, another man at the dance hall, who is drunk, interrupts them and tries to make Rose dance with him instead. Sam defends her, causing a fight between the two men. Rose tries to break it up and defend Sam, but to no avail. As the police broke up the dance, Rose was forced to flee with Anna and Jimmy, who also happened to be there.

He later walks all the way to Downton and turns up at the doors for the servants quarters looking for her, insisting that he has to know if she is alright. Thomas Barrow is the one who answers the door, but is confused when Sam tells him who he is specifically looking for. Then Anna comes and finds him and tells him to wait. Thomas leaves Anna to it when she says she will handle this.

Rose eventually appears, dressed as a maid with Anna's help. Sam professes his love for her. She kisses him but then tells him their relationship must end because she is to marry a farmer. He accepts Rose's decision and then leaves.


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