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Stretcher Bearer
Stretcher bearer: "You all right, Corporal?"
Thomas: "I think so. Yeah, I'm all right."
Stretcher bearer: "You won't believe it back home where I come from. I thought, 'Medical Corps. Not much danger there.' How wrong can one man be? I think it comes down to luck. If a bullet's got your name on it, there's nothing you can do. If not, you thank God you're alive--"
Episode 2.01

The stretcher bearer is assisting Thomas carrying a body in the trenches when a couple close explosions cause them to take cover, dropping the body in the process. They take the opportunity for a cigarette break. The stretcher bearer is coincidentally talking about when a bullet has you name on it when a bullet goes right through his helmet.


Appearances and Mentions
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Behind the Scenes[]

  •  He was portrayed by Danny Burns