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[[Category:Off-screen characters|Flintshire, Susan]]
[[Category:Off-screen characters|Flintshire, Susan]]
[[Category:Nobility|Flintshire, Susan]]
[[Category:Nobility|Flintshire, Susan]]
[[Category:Crawley family members]]

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"Not the first page. My poor niece never uses one word when twenty will do."
—Violet showing Cora a letter from Susan[src]

Susan, Marchioness of Flintshire is Robert's cousin. She is married to Hugh, Marquess of Flintshire, who is nicknamed Shrimpie and works as a minister at the Foreign Office.

Vera Bates used John Bates's name to get a job with Susan. Vera tricked Susan's lady's maid into telling her about Kemal dying in Mary's bed after having sex and Anna helped Mary cover it up. Vera later goes to Downton Abbey after her mother-in-law's death and uses this information to blackmail her estranged husband to come back to London to live with her in his mother's home.


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