Dysfunctional MaClares Edit

What the [CENSORED] did they ever saw in each other?! They're like couples that should be on Jerry Springer or Maury. Least Rose isn't like "SHUT UP! You two make me [CENSORED] sick!" or in modern standards having bad grades at school and having a "hood" boyfriend Still doll85 (talk)

Shrimpie said at Duneagle "There was a job to be done and we both believed in it." Shrimpie and Lord Merton essentially have the same back story: each a good and kind man who entered a marriage of duty rather than love, which ended unhappily because their wives turned out to be snobs (recall Merton told Isobel she was his first chance at real happiness, and how ill-suited he was with his first wife). The only difference is that Shrimpie has at least one child (Rose) who takes after his good nature. 13:15, April 13, 2017 (UTC)

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