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Terence Margadale appeared in the third series of Downton Abbey. He is married, but has an affair with Rose MacClare, who claims he plans to leave his wife for her. Matthew Crawley, Edith Crawley, and Rosamund Painswick find Margadale with Rose in the Blue Dragon jazz club in London, where they had gone after spending two hours together in Warwick Square. He says his wife is "in the country."

Rose claims he loves her and will marry her as soon as he gets a divorce, but that it is difficult. He also used to work for her father, but he may not be on good terms with him or Rose's mother, since she didn't want him to know about Terence, and that her mother "wouldn't understand."

According to Rose, he is "unhappy" because his wife is "absolutely horrid." Matthew replies that married men who wish to seduce young women always have horrid wives. During this scene Rose briefly dances with Matthew on the floor of the jazz club.

He is left alone after Rosamund, Matthew, and Edith leave, taking Rose with them.


  • It is unknown where his relationship with Rose still stands by 1921, though it is likely to have ended by 1922 since she begins seeing other men, including Sam Thawley, John Bullock, and Jack Ross.


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