Mary: "It's rather sad to see the truth behind Mr. Sampson's smooth facade."
Charles Blake: "Cheating at cards cannot be that lucrative after all."
2013 Christmas Special

Sampson's flat is the London home of Terence Sampson.

2013 Christmas Special Edit

When members of the Crawley family determine Sampson stole a scandalous letter from the Prince of Wales to Freda Dudley Ward, Lord Grantham decides to distract Sampson with a card game while Rose, Mary, and Charles Blake go to Sampson's flat to try to find the letter.

They get it in using a note forged in Sampson's hand by John Bates, but the search is unsuccessful. At that, Bates suspects Sampson did not leave the letter unguarded in his home, but is carrying it with him, and so finds it in his coat.

When Sampson returns home and realizes someone has been there, he searches his coat pocket and finds the letter gone.

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