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The Red Lion is a public house in Kirkbymoorside where John Bates worked for a time after his then-wife Vera forced him to leave Downton Abbey.

After glimpsing John one day, Anna mentions this to Mary Crawley, whose then-fiancé Richard Carlisle finds out that Bates is in Yorkshire and where he is working. She then goes to visit him, and they are delighted to see one another again.

Daisy later overhears Thomas mentioning Bates is working in a pub and through her Carson and Mrs Hughes find out as well. 


Only when Lord Grantham speaks to Anna does he learn which pub it is. After he goes to the pub to see Bates, they reconcile, and Lord Grantham convinces him to return to Downton as his valet. Bates soon does, leaving his job at the pub.


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