The Ritz is a hotel and restaurant located in London, England.

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Alfred Nugent enrolls in a contest held by Arsène Avignon, where if chosen he would take part in an advanced chef training class at the Ritz. Initially he was not one of the four chosen, but after one of the candidates dropped out upon acquiring a job, Alfred was chosen to replace him and left Downton to pursue his culinary dreams.

Series 6 Edit

Edith Crawley and her aunt Rosamund Painswick dine at the Ritz in 1925, where Edith is reunited with her ex-fiance, Bertie Pelham. Bertie renews his relationship with Edith by revealing his feelings of love for her and a second marriage proposal.

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  1. The Ritz London to be featured in the final episode of Downton Abbey broadcast at Christmas 2015 at The Ritz London
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