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Tom Branson
Title: Chauffeur to Robert Crawley
Societal Information
Position: Chauffeur
Class: Servant Class
Marital Status: Single (interested in Sybil Crawley)
Allies: Sybil Crawley
Behind The Scenes
Portrayer: Allen Leech

Tom Branson is the chauffeur to Robert Crawley. He is Irish and very politically motivated, eventually inspiring Sybil Crawley to get involved in political causes. They have a relationship which Branson fears could get both of them in trouble.

Relationship with Lady Sybil

Tom Branson arrived at Downton in May 1913 to be the Crawley family’s chauffeur, replacing Taylor. Branson immediately become curious about Lord Grantham’s youngest daughter, Lady Sybil, when he overhears her mother, Cora, saying she has an interest in politics, especially rights for women.
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Tom Branson and Lady Sybil Crawley.

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