UPDATE: Here are the winning moments


  • Most Scandalous Moment: Lord Sinderby's mistress and child showing up unannounced
  • Favorite Moment: Robert and Cora cuddling in bed with Isis
  • Tearjerker Moments: Isis dying
  • Couple You Want to See: Charles Blake & Mary Crawley
  • Sauciest Character: Dowager Countess of Grantham


  • Most Scandalous Moment: Jimmy getting caught in bed with Lady Anstruther
  • Tearjerker Moments: Carson's proposal to Mrs. Hughes
  • Couple You Want to See: Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes
  • Sauciest Character: Thomas

Upstairs & Downstairs Awards

The U.S. Downton Abbey finale was last night, and all we have to say is...FEEEEELS! So much went down...a lot of resolutions were made, reunions, scandal, and some hints leading us into Series 6.

Vote in our annual Upstairs & Downstairs Awards, where YOU tell us your favorite characters and moments from the series. Enjoy! (P.S. You can check out last year's awards here...) We'll post the winners on March 13.



Most Scandalous Moment

Favorite Moments

Tearjerker Moments

Couple You Want to See

Sauciest Character


Most Scandalous Moment

Tearjerker Moments

Couples You Want to See

Sauciest Character

Now, we just have one year to wait until Series 6. We understand how Molesley feels in this gif......

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