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    If you love Downton Abbey and Wikia, then you're in luck because the Downton Abbey Wiki is looking for an admin! Currently we don't have an active admin, and since this is such an active wiki (and such a popular show) it would be great to get someone who wants to be admin!

    So here are the rules: you can nominate yourself as admin, OR nominate someone you know on the wiki who you'd think would make a great admin. Being an admin isn't difficult at all--you just get to have the final say in terms of decision on the wiki, like layout and adding new templates, etc!

    Enjoy, and feel free to nominate yourself- don't be shy!

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  • LexiLexi

    Like many Downton Abbey fans, you are probably eagerly awaiting Series 2, which will premiere on January 8, 2012, on PBS. Recently, some spoilers have been leaked about the new series, which will take place between 1916 and the time shortly after the first World War.

    Spoilers Ahead

    • Robert Crawley seems to be involved in the cavalary, but we're not sure to what capacity yet.
    • Mary Crawley discovers her love, Matthew Crawley is engaged, after she returns from London. However, she brings back an extremely wealthy suitor of her own.
    • Edith Crawley learns to drive and continues to have rivalry with her sisters.
    • Sybil Crawley develops a new hobby.
    • Matthew Crawley becomes engaged to a redheaded woman named Lavinia.
    • Mr. Carson brings Sybil Crawley's new …

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