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A gallery of vehicles appearing in Downton Abbey listed by season and episode in which they appear.


Series 1 (1912-1914)[]

Series 2 (1916-1920)[]

Series 3 (1920-1921)[]

Series 4 (1922-1923)[]


  • The model year of a Rolls-Royce Phantom I cannot be determined without knowing the actual pedigree of the specific vehicle, because the purchase of such a vehicle was a two step process. Rolls-Royce provided the chassis and mechanicals, then a coach builder would be engaged to supply the specific body.[24]


Oscar Wilde, in "The Canterville Ghost" wrote "We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language". This is particularly true of terminology related to automobiles, trains and other moving vehicles, most of which were developed well after British and American English began to diverge. Not only are different words used to refer to the same things, but to add to the confusion, the same words will refer to different things. The table below lists some of the more common differences. It generally does not include words that arose after the time of Downton Abbey, for example "Articulated Lorries" and "18 Wheelers".

British vs. North American terms
British American Notes
Bonnet Hood
Boot Trunk
Box Van Box Car
Brake Van Caboose A caboose is mainly a rolling cabin and office for the train crew and freight conductor, while a brake van has a functional role in the operation of the train.
Dickey Seat Rumble Seat
Driver (train) Engineer
Footway Sidewalk
Gear Lever Gear Shift
Goods Train Freight Train
Guard (train) Conductor
Hood Convertible Top
Livery (Locomotive) (colour scheme) No truly analogous term in North America
Locomotive / Loco Engine
Lorry Truck Lorry generally refers to a large truck, and in the modern context, requiring a special license to operate.
Low Loader Flatbed Truck
Luggage Van Baggage Car
Motorway Expressway / Highway
Nave Plate Hub Cap
Number Plate License Plate
Paraffin Kerosene In North America, paraffin and paraffin wax refer to the same thing.
Petrol Gas / Gasoline
Pram Baby Carriage
Queue Line Stand in Line
Scuttle Cowl
Railway Railroad
Roadster Convertible Generally one that is only available with a soft top.
Rowing Boat Row Boat
Verge Shoulder (road)
Wagon (train) Car
Water Trough Track Pan
Windscreen Windshield


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  20. Pneumatic tyres were first used by LGOC buses in 1925.
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