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Victoria Theatre is a theatre hall somewhere in England. It was here that, in 1897, The Cheerful Charlies, a duo comprised of Charles Grigg and Charles Carson, used to perform.


These acts also were billed at Victoria Theatre at the same time as the Cheerful Charlies.

  • Albert C.
  • Bros. Ellis
  • Claudet Emerson
  • Danny Gold
  • Florrie Flower
  • Sammy Sam
  • Small George
  • Tall Daisy
  • Terrible Tilly

Behind the scenes[]

  • The paper Charles Grigg shows the Earl of Grantham is entitled "VICTORIA THEATRE" and dated May 1897, but it is unclear to which theatre this actually refers to, as it could refer to a number of them. The most likely candidate, given its proximity to the setting of the series, would be the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, even though it only opened in 1901 (and even then it was known as the Victoria Hall; it was only renamed Victoria Theatre in 1993).