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Virginia Woolf is a writer whom Edith Crawley meets during a party in 1922 hosted by Michael Gregson at his London flat. Edith later recalls this meeting to her aunt Rosamund Painswick after inheriting the flat and showing it to her.


Virginia Woolf was born Adeline Virginia Stephen, the third of four siblings. Her father, Sir Leslie Stephen, had a daughter, Laura, by his first wife, Harriet Thackeray (the daughter of author William Thackeray), who was declared mentally disabled. Her mother, Julia, had two sons and a daughter from her previous marriage to Herbert Duckworth. Virginia and her sister suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of their half-brothers.

She was educated at home by her family in classics and literature, later managing to take some courses at the Ladies' Department of King's College in London, studying Greek, Latin, German, and history.

She began writing professionally in 1900, becoming a modernist and feminist. She was a founder and member of a group of writers, artists, and intellectuals known as the Bloomsbury Group. Her works were published through Hogarth Press, a publishing firm she and her husband started in 1917.


By 1922[]

  • The Voyage Out (novel, 1915)
  • Night and Day (novel, 1919)
  • Kew Gardens (short story collection, 1919)
  • Modern Fiction (nonfiction, 1919)
  • Monday and Tuesday (short story collection, 1921)

Noted Works[]

  • Mrs Dalloway (novel, 1925)
  • To the Lighthouse (novel, 1927)
  • Orlando (novel, 1928)


  • Though Woolf is shown in promotional pictures talking to both Edith and Gregson, in the PBS broadcasting she only briefly appears without any dialogue.
  • Her husband, Leonard Woolf, was Jewish, just like Isidore Levinson and the Aldridge family.
  • Hogarth Press was named after Virginia Woolf's home in Richmond, where she and her husband began printing books.



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