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Miss Wilkins was the lady's maid to Susan MacClare, the Marchioness of Flintshire. She was under the employment of Lady Flintshire since before September 1921 up until February 1922.



Wilkins is first seen at the front steps of Duneagle Castle's causeway, due to the family and staff receiving the Crawley's. She primarily appears to be happy to meet Sarah O'Brien, and forms a short-lasting friendship with her.

Like Lady Flintshire, she does not want to travel to India as she thinks it will be, in Lady Flintshire's words, "filthy and dirty, the food will be awful, and there will be no one to talk to for a hundred square miles". She is also shown not to respect Lady Flintshire.

Later, however, she grows bitterly jealous of O'Brien due to the attention Susan pays her when asking for O'Brien's help with her hair style. She spikes O'Brien's drink during the Gillies Ball with whiskey that she got from Nield. However, Sarah realizes what has been done and doesn't finish the drink. Joseph Molesley drinks the rest of the whiskey, and turns wild, embarrassing himself in front of countless important figures from all over Scotland. Later, O'Brien asks Wilkins if she's proud, and she is glad that she does not need to feel loyal to her. To Wilkins' outrage, she approaches Lady Flintshire with presumably an offer to become the latter's lady's maid.


In February 1922, Wilkins has been fired or has resigned from her post as Lad Flintshire's maid. As a result, Sarah O'Brien, without a word to anyone at Downton Abbey, leaves to become Lady Flintshire's maid in India.


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